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THE 5 Ws

JP Moisan


Les Productions Caravane is essentially a one-man show.  That man is Jean-Pierre Moisan. Jean-Pierre is a University of Ottawa economics graduate.  He spent more than 25 years working in research and management jobs in the federal government. This is where he discovered he had a knack for planning and organisation. He chose to put his skills to work in the music business.


In 2001, he left his day job and and he put together a big band called Caravane.  This band was the most active big band in the Ottawa-Gatineau area for many years. It progressed to being highly regarded on the ballroom and swing dance circuits.  In 2008, Caravane played a tribute to Lionel Hampton in the Ottawa International Jazz Festival's Connoisseur series.


As manager of a big band, Jean-Pierre was often called upon to provide smaller ensembles for various events. As time went on, one thing led to another and, inevitably, booking ensembles became a major activity.  


In 2008, JP created Les Productions Caravane. Under this banner, he was artistic director for a number of venues and festivals including, Les Mardis Classique, Le Bistro Gainsbourg, Les Brasseurs du Temps and La Grange de la Gatineau. In that role he brought many reputed artists to these venues, including Al Stewart, Shawn Phillips, Daniel Boucher, Jonas, Bet.e & Stef, Steve Grossman Quartet, Phil Dwyer Trio, Kellylee Evans, Sonia Johnson,  Paul Piché, Stefie Shock, Marie-Jo Thério, Patsy Gallant and The Lost Fingers, among many others.


Today Les Productions Caravane is devoted to meeting your music needs, whether it be through the excellent artists on Les Productions Caravane's roster or  other musicians and bands we can access to through our extensive network. 



Les Productions Caravane represents a few excellent artists/acts that are listed in the OUR ARTISTS tab of this web site. Check them out, you'll be impressed! However, our services go well beyond this short list. We can probably find any musician you need for your event. Our only constraint is that we are providers of LIVE music.  If you need a DJ, you're knocking on the wrong door!



We are mostly an Ottawa-Gatineau music provider but we have many contacts in the Montreal and Toronto regions.  If you are from Ottawa-Gatineau, Montreal or Toronto, don't hesitate to discuss your music needs with us.  We can probably help you!



Your schedule is our schedule.  We aim to be there when you need us!



Because we love LIVE music!

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